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Nokian tires

If one is searching for tires, which will turn his car and the road he is driving on into one inseparable entity, Nokian Tires will suit him right. For Nokian there is no difference, whether it’s summer or winter, if it is raining cats and dogs or black ice has coated all roads. Its tires are made of super-durable materials with use of innovative technologies, which results in top-quality final product.

Sporty line

Nokian Z G2, V, and H are tires designed for sport cars and are created for high-speed driving. Due to their multilayer tread structure and unique geometry plus special outer layer, they perform perfectly in unexpected breaking or cornering and provide a perfect grip with the road at any temperatures.  Noticeable fuel economy and high safety level add up to positive characteristics. The main difference lies in speed requirements. Depending on that, tire structure will differ and be more or less rigid.  

SUVs, 4*4s and Trucks

Are you tired of constant strain while driving your SUV? Nokian offers a range of tires for this category of vehicles that will insure safe speed on any road and make any drive pleasant. Total response and immediate reaction to your demands make Nokian Z SUV, HT SUV, Hakka C Cargo, and Hakka C Van tires a real “helping-hand” on uneven off-roads,  mud or water.

You can be sure, Nokian Tires won’t let you down!